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Connect precision farming to crop recording

View data from sensors, drones, satellites and machines on your field. It’s also possible to connect your machine to the platform which automates crop recording.

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    600 ha.


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    600 ha. +

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Automatic crop recording

The connection with machines makes it possible to send a planning from the crop recording application to a tractor-implement combination. The task will be show in the terminal. The performed task then arrives with the desired parameters on the recording page. At this moment we support a connection with AGCO, JohnDeereAgrirouter and DroneWerkers.

       John Deere Cloudfarm


Manual import routines

Various import routines can be used for manually uploading datasets in Cloudfarm. Drone images can be imported from a GeoTIFF format. Some machines provide data as CSV files, which you can upload as a .csv file. Cloudfarm also offers the possibility to upload Shapefiles and Isobus files.

Scouting fields

Cloudfarm is the place to view data from machines, sensors, drones and satellites. By selecting multiple layers you can find strong and weak spots in your field. Navigate directly to these places via the mobile app. The scouting of fields becomes even easier, more fun and more efficient.

All data available on the field

The mobile application makes your work easy and accessible. During your work in the field you can view all datasets of your fields on an interactive map. Choose different layers to analyze your field easily.

Mobile application of CloudfarmMobile application of Cloudfarm

Manage your machine park

In Dacom you get your own machine park containing all your machines. This gives the possibility to create automatic recordings. The machines can also be connected to a recording template so all machine data is entered before creating a new record. This allows you to create a record or planning even faster when working in the field.

Create a task grid

In Cloudfarm it is easy to create a task grid. This is useful for planting a variety of potatoes or seeding a variety of pumpkins or beets for example.  To do so, you can use satellite images or bodem scans. With an ISOBUS task grid, you can vary the planting and seeding distance in the row.

Record with your tractor

There are two ways to record with your tractor, as depicted on the right:

1ste way (picture on the left side):
1. Create a planning in Dacom and send the planning to your tractor terminal
2. Carry out the planning on your tractor terminal, which is automatically registered in Dacom as recording.

2nd way (picture on the right side):
1. Make a planning in your tractor terminal
2. Send the planning to Dacom
3. Change the planning in Dacom into a recording

Dacom cloudfarm


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